Thursday, April 30, 2009


1. What is it?
-I regretted not going to Homecoming.

2. What can you do to get over your regret?
-There's nothing that I can really do to get over it. It was a once in a lifetime event, so I cannot relive it. The best thing to do is to just go out and have fun with the people who I wanted to go to homecoming with. Make my own homecoming and just party the night away!

3. Do you have anything interesting to say about it?
-It was a once in a lifetime event.

4. Post a picture of: something that makes you think of what you regret not doing (if the thought is about not seeing your dog enough, maybe you would use a photo of a dog that looks like yours)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


She had lost it all. Her family, her home and any source of financial income. There was nothing she could do and there was no where for her to go. Alisha was only 15 years of age and her family had been wiped out due to the war. An explosive was launched into her home, taking her mother, father and brother with it. As she wandered the streets looking for food and possibly some place to stay, she ran into Chandinee. Chandinee was dressed in an elegant silk outfit covered with gold embroideries. She looked like a dancer and indeed she was. Chandinee saw the condition she was in and decided to take her in. They went back to her hostel, which turned out to be a prostitute home. During the day Chandinee danced for a living and at night she sold her body to the slums. It was the only way to survive in the world. Under Chandinee's guidance, Alisha learned how to dance as graceful as her mentor. She danced for the hostiles and collected a few rupees. Enough for her to put food in her stomach. Just like Chandinee, as soon as Alisha came of age, she followed the steps of her mentor and began earning a livelihood in the slums of India...........

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A forty (40) bedroom home in Hong Kong has been named one of the mot extravagant homes in the world. Hari Harilela the owner of the home lives with his 60 family members and 35 staff in this forty bedroom, 20 car garage home. The house resembles an elite hotel with numerous living rooms and halls. I would love to live in a house like this with all my family members. That is if I can get away from them every now and than! Which I'm sure is possible because the house is so HUGE!

Friday, April 24, 2009


For those that want to avoid the confrontation of a mean and nasty divorce, you can now get it done through a simple text message. In Malaysia they have now made it valid to divorce your spouse through a text message. The government's adviser on religious affairs, Mahathir Mohammed, says along as the message is clear and unambiguous, it is valid under Islamic Sharia Law. Dr Abdul Hamid Othman, of New Straits Times daily newspaper, said that "SMS is just another form of writing." That why it is legible to do it this way as well. The man who first sent the text message, Mr. Shamsudin sent the message saying, "If you do not leave your parents' house, you'll be divorced." Just as quickly as it was sent, the marriage had been annulled. It may seem very brief, but even in Islamic religion, a man can say "talaq" (I divorce you) three times and the couple will be divorced.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


1. What is it (Right now, or waaaaay in the future?)

Prom 2K9 at CHUTNEY IN D PARK!! and afterparty at Hibiscus Night Club. (Not the real prom, but a prom me and Alliea have created on our own)

2. What are you doing to get ready for it?

Buying a new outfit, buying tickets, coordinating on how to get there and getting ready to dance and party our behinds off!!!

3. Do you have anything interesting to say about it?

This is OUR Prom and we won't let anyone or anything get in the way of it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Dhlawattie had just gotten off the phone with the vending manager and he had given her permission to open the "Dhalwattie's Roti Shop" at the Chutney Show on May 9. She had gotten all her flour, baking soda and water needed to make the roti's. All she needed now was to hire employees to cook them for her. Dhalwattie hired three young adolesents to come work for her, two girls and one boy. Finally, May 9th had arrived. As she was setting up her booth, she recieved a phone call. "Ellllloooo!" she answered joyfully. "Oh, Parrot-batti! It's you gyal! How you do?" As the conversation continued she noticed a young lady and two boys walking past her booth, but the girl was giving her a wicked look. Dhalwattie stared back in confusion. "I don't know where these lazy chillldren are, they were supposed to come help me set up," she said into the reciever of her phone. "Oh wait, I tink I see one now. Lawwwd look how she watching me funny. Gyal I will call you back laatah...tek care...bye." And she hung up the phone. "Aye you gyurl over there, you think you can get away from working? You all get over here now!" The girl smiled widely and called her two friends behind her to go into the kitchen. There Dhalwattie gave them their uniforms and ordered them to start making the roti's. The crowd at the gate was getting overwhelming. One of the girls friend, asked if he could go get the equpiment from the truck. Dhalwattie sweetly replied, "Aye bai, you nah do nothing, stay right here and finish your cookin, let one of dem gyal go and get the stuff." She sends the girl out of the park to go get the equipment and when she comes back, the girl turned into a boy! "How did that gyal turn into a bai(boy)?!" She exclaimed. Dhalwattie figured something fishy was going on. She turned around and she saw three people walking toward her and they were already dressed in chef's uniforms. After putting two and two together, she realized she had been bamboozled! She picked up a belna(rolling pin) and was going to go after the three imposters. But before she could, the three of them had dropped the uniforms and had to run out of the kitchen. Dhalwattie said some nasty things under her breath, but let it go. The children were gone and there was nothing she could do about it. This was going to make on heck of a story to tell her friends!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A little girl who is persumed to be the world's smallest baby in the world is fianlly being sent home. Rumaisa Rahman, born in September weighed only 8.6 ounces. Which is the size of your average cell phone. On Tuesday, she was released from Loyola University Medical Center in the Chicago suburb of Maywood. She now weighs 5.5 lbs and is more than 16 inches long. According to doctors, she is expected to lead a normal and healthy life. Little Rumaisa also has a fraternal twin, Hiba. She was only one pound at birth, but now weighs 8.5lbs.

It's said that the childrens 23 year old mother had developed pre-eclampsia, a disorder characterized by high blood pressure, during pregnancy. This prompted early delivery of the twins, at 26 weeks. Normal gestation is around 40 weeks.

In the beginning stages the twins were placed on ventilators for a few weeks until nurses could breast feed them through tubes. After about 10 weeks they were able to drink fom bottles. The previous record holder, for the smallest baby in the world is now 15 years of age, standing at a height of 4ft 7 inches. These twins have the chance of being able to live a completely normal life.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Ria Ramkisoon, a 21 year old native from Trinidad is being charged with starving her one year old child Javon Thompson, to death. According to Marylad law, this has been one of the most unusual cases to ever go down in history. The mother and four other members of the One Mind Ministry, were charged with first degree murder after they denied the child of proper nutrients. They refused to feed him or give him any water as punishment because he did not say "amen" after his meal. The leader of this Ministry, Queen Antoinette, is charged with ordering the mother to deny the child of food. She claimed that the child was a "demon" all because he did not give thanks for his food. According to authorities, after the child died they placed him on the couch and danced around his body, trying to make everyone believe that they could rise him from the dead. When they realized that he was not returning from that state, they packed his body along with moth balls and fabric softner sheets in a suitcase and relocated to Philidelphia. Javon's remains were found in a shed behind the home of an elderly man who had befriended the Ministry's members. Ramkisoon recieved a 20 year prison sentence. She is said to remain in jail until she testifies against the other four members. She also pleaded to guilty to one count of child abuse resulting in death. She has been sentenced to 5 years probabtion and she must attend a "deprogramming" sessions with experts on religious cults and after release.

Friday, April 17, 2009



Would you expect that the woman seen above would have the voice of an angel? The 47 year old Scottish woman with grey hair and the appearance of your grandmother, has a voice that will please any ear. She is soft-spoken and had a dream that she did indeed get to fulfill. She began singing in her church's quire and wanted to try her luck on "Britain's Got Talent."

One of the judges was on the show was a not so unforgettable person, Simon Cowell. Cowell had seen many auditions throughout the day and was getting bored and frustrated with the contestants. When Boyle showed up on stage, he was most likely thinking, "here we go again." Along with the audience they believed this woman was going to make a fool of herself. But the minute she opened her mouth, the audience went wild and gave her a standing ovation.

Boyle has now become an overnight celebrity. Her voice is truly pure and angelic. She's such a sweet elderly woman. In an interview she even mentioned she had never even been kissed before and now she's a big star. It just goes to show you that looks can be deceiving!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


1. What is your favorite TV program?(Right now, or of all-time)
George Lopez

2. Who are the stars, actors, characters?
George Lopez, Constance Marie, Luis Armand Garcia, Masiela Lusha, Aimee Garcia, Valente Rodriguez, Emiliano Diez and Belita Moreno.

3. Do you know anything interesting about any of the performers?
George Lopez was approcached by Sandra Bullock in order to make a sitcom to represent the Hispanic Culture.

4. What would you ask him/her/them if you met them?
I would ask him if he uses real life experiences to make his show funny.

5. Post a picture of: the show or the cast OR something that makes you think of the show (if the show is about dogs, maybe you would use a photo of a dog.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The day she agonized ever since she was a young woman had finally come. It was her wedding day. For most, a wedding is a joyous occasion to celebrate the joining of two lovers. But for Kaminee it was a decision that was going to ruin her life. In the Hindu religion, all marriages were arranged. There was no such thing as a love marriage, but instead your parents decided who you were going to marry. Sometimes even before you were born.

The groom they picked for her was a wealthy man, with a high social status. He was a huge business tycoon, but his personality was horrible. He was a heavy drinker, a smoker, and he had another woman on the side by the name of Shalena. He even told his new bride to be that he wouldn't give up his mistress, even if they were married. Kaminee tried to warn her parents about the man they had chosen for her, but they believed she was only trying to get out of the marriage.

Kaminee had no choice. She was going to have to marry the man her parents chose for her, despite what he was truly like. That even meant she had to give up the one person in her life who meant the world to her. He was the one who she truly wanted to marry. Her mystery lover went by the name of Dev and they had been together for five years, but her parents never knew. If they found out, they would've killed her! So she had to sacrafice what she had and do what made her parents happy.

Finally the wedding day had come. As she sat in her room, staring down at her henna adored hands, there came a knock at her balcony window...............TO BE CONTINUED...............(in another blog story)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Nintendo motion control accessory

Nintendo plans to launch a new accessory for the Wii. The Wiii Motion Plus will provide more accurate motion controls. The accessory is planned to be launched in the U.S. on June 8th. According to the Japanese video game company the Motion Plus will attatch to the exisiting Wii controller. The cost of this new device is at a decent price of $20.00. Also, in July Wii plans to launch the game "Wii Sports Resort." The game cost about $50.00 and will come packaged with a Wii Motion Plus control.

Monday, April 13, 2009


One of the best toys to come out in the 90's was the Tamagotchi. The Tamagotchi was a computerized pet that could live comfortably on a key chain or in the pocket of a child. It is the size of a small egg and contains an LCD screen. Here one can feed, play, and even clean up after it, once it's done its business. When this little toy first came out, it was a huge success in Japan and when it hit North America, kids went crazy for it!

The Tamagotchi was also a competition between friends. The better you took care of your pet, the higher it's status would be. The amount of times you played with it and how well you looked after it was recorded into the digital device. But if you happened to be a bad pet owner, your pet would surely suffer and than die. Thus, causing you to have to reset the toy and start all over again to build up it's happiness and health. This taught a cruel, but valuable lesson to most young children who happened to leave the toy in their book bag for the weekend. Tamagotchi's came in a number of colors and had many different characteristics. This was definitely a pet no one could ever forget!

I personally chose this toy because I grew up with one. I remember how fun it was to feed it cookies and ice cream and than clean up it's mess. Sometimes I would purposely overfeed it and it would get sick on me. But that was no problem. All I had to do was give it some medicine and it was happy again. The best part for me was watching the pet grow up and launching off in a space shuttle, completing that generation......

Friday, April 3, 2009


1. What is your favorite song?(Right now, or of all-time)
At the moment my favorite song is, Chaahenge Tumhe Bas (I Only Want You)

2. Who is the artist?
The artist is, Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghoshal

3. Do you enjoy all of this artist's music?
Yes, I love Udit Narayan. He sings all the best Indian love songs. Shreya is just as good too.

4. Do you know anything about this performer?
I know that he is an Indian playback singer for a lot of Bollywood (Indian) movies. He was born in India and has song thousands and thousands of songs in 30 different languages. Shreya Goshal is also a movie playback singer and is still somewhat new to the industry.

5. What would you ask him/her/them if you met them?
If I met them, I would ask them to sing me one of my favorite songs!

6. Post a picture of: the artist OR an album cover OR something that makes you think of the song (if the song is "who let the dogs out," maybe you would use a photo of a dog.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Krishna

Hindu God Krishna(baby)

Krishna was born into the Mathura family, one of the richest families at the time. He was the eighth child born to King and Queen Mathura and seemed to be the most wickedest. One day, a horrible crime was commited. Krishna's brothers and sisters were all killed by the evil devil. The devil than threw his parents into prison and Krishna was left to fend for himself. Due to the kindness of a stranger, he feared for Krishna's life and sent him away. He was later found by Yashoda, who became his step mother and took him in as her own.

Krishna was very wicked though. He would steal and was full of mischief. Some might believe that he was the type to steal gold and rubies, but he wasn't. Instead, him and his step brother preffered to break into the neighbors homes and steal butter! They would sneak into the kitchen while the women were out hanging their clothes on the line and would eat all the butter out of the pots. Everyday the neighbors would complain to his mother and he would get scolded and wouldn't get to play his prized flute. No matter how much he got scolded, he would not grow out of his childish ways and his mother could not handle it anymore.

She called upon a great pundit and he told her that her son was indeed one of the Gods. Yashoda found it ridiculous and thought the pandit was just after her money. He warned her many times, but she still did not believe him. One day, Yashoda recieved another complaint about Krishna stealing butter again, and she secretly went to the house to catch him red handed. As she entered the house, she saw him devouring the butter from the pots. She caught his hand and asked him to open his mouth. At first he refused, but after persuading him, he finally did. When he did though, Yashoda was shocked at what she saw. In his mouth there was the Universe. It was indeed true that Krishna was a God and there were many more interesting events to come.................

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


After 55 years, a misplaced wallet has finally been found! Two classic car collectors from Idaho found the wallet in the back of an antique car they were planning on restoring. It turns out the wallet came from a man known as Glenn Goodlove, formerly known as Glenn Putnam. Goodlove says that he may have possibly lost the wallet in 1964 while making out with a girl in his car. At the time, he was home on leave from the U.S. Navy. The wallet contained a ten dollar bill, his military ID, his Social Security card, drivers license, and several jewlery reciepts from 1952. The two men looked up Goodlove on the internet and returned the wallet to him. He says that the wallet brought back many memories of his old home and car.